Do you need help selecting the right colours for your next interior or exterior project? Your choice of paint colour plays a powerful role in helping you achieve your ideal style and atmosphere for your home. However, with all the paint colours out there, it can feel overwhelming to find a paint colour and finish that both satisfies your personal preferences and complements the design of your home. 

We provide a helpful colour consulting service, where we use our expertise in interior design and with premium Dulux paints to recommend timeless colour schemes that will fulfil your vision and bring your home to life.

Our colour consultants know how to make your home look stunning and what’s more, they’ll come to visit you. Simply get in touch and we’ll set up a colour consult at a time that suits you.

The time it takes to repaint your house will depend on the size of your home and condition, To learn the approximate amount of time it will take to paint your specific property, we recommend contacting us for a free no obligation quote.

We take great pride in the quality of our work, and our repaint makeover sepselist house painters will treat your home with respect. We always take the time to prepare your room for painting. We use drop sheets on every job to protect belongings from paint. We also recommend moving your furniture into the centre of the room to allow ease of movement and minimise the risk of damage.

We’re always researching and updating our knowledge of innovative painting methods to achieve the very best results. You will have a project manager dedicated to your specific residential painting project for superior quality control.

To keep your newly painted interior in pristine condition, we recommend checking that your professional painter will:

  • Thoroughly clean and prime the surface before painting
  • Ensure that any damage on the surface area has been fixed

While it might be tempting to go the DIY route and attempt to paint your house yourself, we recommend hiring a professional painter for truly immaculate results. Painting takes skill, patience, an understanding of technique and how the specific paint will perform. If you opt for DIY painting, you risk the following:

  • Making costly spills on your rug or carpet
  • Painting onto wood trim or other details that should not be painted

Inability to get a clean, straight line between the wall and ceiling Ultimately, these mistakes will leave your DIY paint job looking unprofessional. A professional painter knows how to create a flawless result.

Yes, we make sure your wall’s surface is clean and smooth before we paint. Our thorough preparation process includes the repair of cracks and holes in your plastered walls.

Not at all. Our clients often remain in their home throughout the duration of their painting project.

We offer our residential painting services in Mornington Peninsula.

Experts typically recommend repainting the exterior of your house every five to ten years. When it comes to repainting the interior of your home, this can vary. If your painter applies a good primer base and uses high-quality paint such as Dulux, or resene you can safely wait five to six years between repainting touch-ups. Unfortunately, a poor quality paint job will require repainting sooner. This is why hiring a professional painter who will deliver the best possible result is a good investment.